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Innovasi Samudra Sdn Bhd

Established in 2003, Innovasi Samudra Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian-owned entity actively engaged in the supply and commissioning of state-of-the-art equipment and contemporary solutions for the environmental and renewable natural resources markets. In conjunction with its associate consulting company, the firm also provides specialized technical services to government agencies, research institutions and private industries throughout the country.

Core Business Activities

Water Resource
& Aquatic Sciences

The Water Resource & Aquatic Sciences section focuses on the supply and commissioning of various hydrological, hydrometeorological, and oceanographic instruments etc. such as multi-parameter water quality monitoring systems, fluorometers for dye tracer, chlorophyll a etc., CTDs, ADCPs, nutrient analyzers, hyperspectral sensors, tide level loggers, survey echo sounders, DGPS along with modeling software.

& Aquaculture

Innovasi Samudra’s Fisheries & Aquaculture division supplies and commissions fisheries and aquaculture related equipment and software such as fluorometers for histamine, electrofishers, plankton nets, sediment grabs, biofilters, hatchery equipment, netwasher, ultrasound scanners, fish surveillance systems etc. In addition, the team also conducts customised training courses with emphasis on hands-on learning for the above systems.

Environmental Resource Monitoring Systems & Services

Innovasi Samudra Environmental Resource Monitoring Systems & Services scope includes the supply, operate and transfer of water quality monitoring systems and specialized sampling gear. This section also combines professional knowledge in instrument deployment and customized software to carry out contractual field jobs i.e. data recovery and baseline studies e.g. water quality monitoring, current measurements, stage and area storage capacity for dams, bathymetry, seabed/riverbed classification, biological habitat classification, rating curves, circulation and dispersive studies using dye tracers, sediment transport monitoring and bio-monitoring projects i.e. plankton, benthic studies, fish biomass estimates, population dynamics etc.

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