About Innovasi Samudra

A Malaysian-owned entity actively engaged in the supply and commissioning of state-of-the-art equipment and contemporary solutions for the environmental and renewable natural resources markets.
Extensive experience in sampling and measurements in the field

Our Mission

Innovasi Samudra's main mission is to reach out to and serve with high efficiency most of the Government agencies and research institutions in the country and the region via its vast network of dealers in countries which include Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Brunei.  With a niche marketing and consultative approach that is founded on technical expertise, the company’s domestic goal is to become one of the country’s leaders in introducing innovative technology including techniques and new-age equipment to help overcome some of challenges faced by natural resource and operational managers and the research community in Malaysia.

The humble beginnings

Innovasi Samudra’s core business activities include three main sectors: Water Resource & Aquatic Sciences, Fisheries & Aquaculture and Environmental Resource Monitoring Systems & Services. The company employs highly trained and experienced staff who offer total solutions for scientists and resource managers faced with technical challenges.

With extensive experience in sampling and measurements in the field and coupled with network of associate consultants, Innovasi Samudra offers full consultancy service to help collect the data required, from the basic ‘operator & equipment’ contracts to complete site surveys and monitoring programs. The hands-on approach and in-depth knowledge are greatly appreciated by clients and come to use when assisting clients design studies and operations, and selecting the appropriate equipment for data collection and other applications.

Reach out to and serve the government agencies
Histamine Analysis in the laboratory

Terms of Use

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