Turner Designs Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer (for Histamine Analysis)

  • Excellent sensitivity and measurement range 
  • Quick application changes (with Snap-In modules)
  • 1 to 5 point calibration (able to store up to 18 calibration)
  • Coloured touch screen with intuitive graphical user interface
  • Widely used by tuna and other seafood processors worldwide

More info: https://www.turnerdesigns.com/trilogy-laboratory-fluorometer

SmithRoot Electrofisher LR-24

  • Quick setup (auto-select a voltage level necessary to achieve 25 watts average power output through the water between electrodes)
  • Dual output (allows operator to set up two completely independent sets of waveforms and voltages and toggle between them)
  • Safety features (emergency stop switch, twin audible alarms, tilt and immersion sensors and Anode-Out -of-Water sensor)
  • Power limit key and mode
  • Numerous waveform choices 
  • Up to 10 storage locations/users
  • Rugged construction

SmithRoot Electrofisher LR-20B

  • Easy to use 
  • LCD display (easy-to-read, shows real-time status of output voltage and current fuel gauge-type display battery life etc.)
  • Operator safety (tilt sensor, water immersion sensor and cover open sensor automatically shuts down the electrofisher)
  • Adjustable suspension harness and pack frame
  • Compatibility (increase flexibility and versatility of device in large field)

SmithRoot 2.5 GPP Electrofisher

  • Able to handle all fresh or brackish water conductivities
  • Supply optimum voltages for electrofishing
  • Eliminate bulky and hot power transformers

AVID Pocket Scanner & Microchip

  • Easy to use
  • Effective (for animal identification and tracking)

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