Our company also provide rental services and here are the list of equipments which are available for rental.

Ultra-short Baseline (USB)

Manta 2 Water Parameter Sonde

Pipe & Cable Tracker



Tide Gauge


Current Meter

Side-scan Sonar

Hi-Res Multibeam Echosounder

Acoustic Release

Differential GPS



Custom Made Grab Sampler

SonarMite Echosounder

BlueView Imaging Sonar Camera

Deepwater CTD Rosette Water Sampler

AquafluorTM Handheld Fluorometer

Coastal Hydrographic Survey Vessel

Coastal Hydrographic Survey Vessel (32") customised for marine habitat mapping, multibeam deployment, current profiling and discharge measurement

Other Items

Other types of equipments which are also available for rental purpose are:
  • Motion sensor
  • Depth sensor
  • Sub bottom profiler
  • SV profiler
  • NDT
  • Video camera & Drop camera
  • Vibro corer
  • Oceanographic winches

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